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The New Yorker, April 27, 1998 P. 164

Best Young Novelists (written with Deborah Treisman)
By Bill Buford
SHOWCASE of six of Europe's best young novelists. The writers chosen include Ingo Schulze, a German who writes about newly unified Germany, and who has been compared to Raymond Carver; Marcel Beyer, another German, who wrote "The Karnau Tapes" about a man who records Hitler's last utterances; Marie Darrieussecq, a French writer who is the metamorphosing eroticist of her generation; Victor Pelevin, Russia's heir to Joseph Heller; Juan Manuel de Prada, whose literary thriller "La Tempestad" won Spain's prestigious Premio Planeta; and Lawrence Norfolk, a British novelist, who wrote "Lempriere's Dictionary." The text is accompanied by a two-page black-and-white group photograph of all six writers by Richard Avedon.

Почему "наследник Джозефа Хеллера"?

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